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Swindon Council Leader Dreams On As Redundancy Estimates Soar From 1,000 to 2,000 In Just 4 Days….

“In just 4 months Bluh’s crowd have come from denying there was a hole in their budget to now claiming that they must ‘save’ £11m in this financial year and expects to have to save a further £15m a year in future”

Reservoir Hogs Squeal As Home Secretary Overturns Police Authority Trough

“The reservoir of quango cash is visibly drying up and some of the Hogs don’t like it”

Swindon’s ‘Jackanory Tory’ claims: “I am saving the borough from disaster”

“Bluh’s latest lecture is definitely wackier than usual. It doesn’t just border on the delusional, it has torn the door off the customs shed and stamped the officials inside to death before making off across a mental landscape which is, thankfully, quite unfamiliar to most of us”

#Swindon Borough Councillors Expenses 2009-2010 An invaluable tool in the democrats toolbox.

Daily Mail Claims of Snooping are ‘Rubbish’ says Swindon Council

“The problem is…..Bluh and Co have a track record of being secretive, uncommunicative and obstructive when asked the simplest of questions”

Bluh Blags Camerons ‘Big Society’ and re-launches as ‘One Swindon’ Vision

“If I were a local councillor I would take my lead from the community which elected me, representing them first, and not the political aspirations of an autocratic council leader responsible for delivering a broken budget”

Swindon WiFi: Councillors Washing Their Hands Of Drowning Joint Venture ?

“….the only clear WiFi fact that did pop up during last nights meeting was the expected and humiliating public admission that…..”

Borough of Swindon Sucked Over Event Horizon of Bluh’s Black Hole Budget

“We are going into this Black Hole whether we want to or not and are going to see a lot of things we currently take for granted being terribly squeezed or completely crushed as the inescapable consequences of Bluh’s fuckwittage pile up on us”

#Swindontory Bluh’s ‘Safe Guarding Children’ WiFi Hypocrisy

As I find myself saying quite often of Bluh’s term in office, “You can’t bury a bad smell”…….

#SwindonTory Promise 50a – Are Our Roads Now As Safe As We Were Promised?

50 Promises from #Swindontory Council: Promise 50a – Through better safety initiatives on the roads we control, we will reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on the roads by 40%.

Leaked: #Swindontory budget fails – Chief Executive Announces Emergency Budget Plans

In 2007/2008 Eight Swindon Borough Council Directors each took home more than £100,000

Gavin Jones earned £191,711 in the same year which was just £3,000 less than the Prime Minister.

I believe the chief executive usually trousers more in ‘bonuses’ and pay awards each year, (£16,762 bonus and a £2,103 pay award in 2007/2008), than an ordinary worker earning minimum wage who works flat-out for 48hrs each week for 48 weeks of the year who would gross, (£13,300 approx).

Where’s Our Wifi? – Ask Residents Of ‘Rotten Borough’ Swindon

The reality of Bluh’s ‘Getsignal’ pRodject, just the latest in a long line of Bluh’s expensively failed vanity/legacy spends – always with public money and never his own – is that it has already swallowed £400,000 of Swindon taxpayers money and is several months behind schedule in completing even the first installation phase in the small town of Highworth .