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Where’s Our WiFi: 3 Days Until Digital City Tells Us….

“Call me cynical but I know of an entire squadron of Digital Piggies that is fully fuelled and ready to fly”

Where’s Our WiFi – August 2010 Update

“The Link magazine stated that the Audit Commission had ‘ratified’ the WiFi decisions taken by the Borough Council – It hadn’t ‘ratified’ anything, it merely stated that it had found no evidence of an illegal act”

Swindon WiFi: Councillors Washing Their Hands Of Drowning Joint Venture ?

“….the only clear WiFi fact that did pop up during last nights meeting was the expected and humiliating public admission that…..”

#Swindontory Bluh’s ‘Safe Guarding Children’ WiFi Hypocrisy

As I find myself saying quite often of Bluh’s term in office, “You can’t bury a bad smell”…….

Where’s Our Wifi? – Ask Residents Of ‘Rotten Borough’ Swindon

The reality of Bluh’s ‘Getsignal’ pRodject, just the latest in a long line of Bluh’s expensively failed vanity/legacy spends – always with public money and never his own – is that it has already swallowed £400,000 of Swindon taxpayers money and is several months behind schedule in completing even the first installation phase in the small town of Highworth .

Penny Wise & Pound Foolish Bluh Says: “I Will Not Apologise”

If you question, disagree with or in any way criticise Roderick Bluh then, according to him, your ancestors were troglodytes who “opposed the invention of the wheel”.

After me: All Hail Rod!, All Hail Rod!

Literally Taking The Piss – Swindon’s Pathfinding Piss Project Provides Pipeless WC’s To Thousands

Swindon is to become the first in the UK to provide free pipeless WC access to all its residents, it was revealed today

£450,000 WiFi Loan ‘Within The Rules’ says Audit Commision…

‘It’s all within the rules’ they say…..but where have we heard that before?