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Clowncil Talk: Would you trust a Circus Clown with your wallet?

It doesn’t matter how much grease-paint and comedy-custard Bonzo Bluh hoses into the eyes of the audience, we know that the wheels and doors will fall off his car eventually.

Swindon’s ‘Jackanory Tory’ claims: “I am saving the borough from disaster”

“Bluh’s latest lecture is definitely wackier than usual. It doesn’t just border on the delusional, it has torn the door off the customs shed and stamped the officials inside to death before making off across a mental landscape which is, thankfully, quite unfamiliar to most of us”

Penny Wise & Pound Foolish Bluh Says: “I Will Not Apologise”

If you question, disagree with or in any way criticise Roderick Bluh then, according to him, your ancestors were troglodytes who “opposed the invention of the wheel”.

After me: All Hail Rod!, All Hail Rod!

The Bluh Lectures: February 3rd 2010 – ‘Cynicism & Democracy’

It looks like the ‘Lecture form the leader’ is set to become an annual event so we might be looking at a ‘collectible’. Then again, probably not.

The Bluh Lectures: January 2009 – ‘Excellence’

“I prefer Radio 4′s annual Reith Lectures to Rod Bluh’s monthly mini-lectures…..but I’ll cheerfully listen to both and criticise the shit out of just one.”