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Send In The Clowns – SwindonTories Break Election Pledges To ‘Fight Inappropriate Development’ Just One Month After Being Elected

Over recent years North Swindon residents have been keeping their eyes on large swathes of development land close to their homes in Oakhurst and Redhouse because, at some point, the owner of the land, (Crest Nicholson), would wish to develop it and realise some return on their investment. That time arrived recently, and on the [...]

What’s the best way to lead Swindon Council?

If the intention is to exclude the public from council business it is almost as effective as barring the doors to the council chamber, so, the irony is obvious when the leader of the council, says: “This is about people who will end up suffering when the money isn’t there. We want a partnership with Government but we’re not even invited to the table.” Tosser.

The Walcot Chronicles: Abandoned Principles Pt 2

As the £225,000 Bath University paid to SBC disappeared into Cllr Mark Edward’s Budget Black Hole, neither Cllr Mallinson or Cllr Childs uttered a single word in comment or challenge”

Gagged: Swindon Borough Council Chair of Scrutiny & The Chief Executives ‘Secret’ Patel Report

“Derique Montaut is not fit for purpose in my honest opinion, and he should seriously consider his position as leader of the Labour Group”

Where’s Our Wifi? – Ask Residents Of ‘Rotten Borough’ Swindon

The reality of Bluh’s ‘Getsignal’ pRodject, just the latest in a long line of Bluh’s expensively failed vanity/legacy spends – always with public money and never his own – is that it has already swallowed £400,000 of Swindon taxpayers money and is several months behind schedule in completing even the first installation phase in the small town of Highworth .