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Once In A Bluh Moon, Even A Hypocrite Will Accidentally Tell The Truth….

“What Councillor Bluh actually did when he published the above article in the Swindon Advertiser was to tell every developer within transit van distance that his council will not be challenging any large developments on the grounds that it, (the council), might lose 106 contributions if the development subsequently went ahead after an initial refusal by the council. Bluh has declared OPEN SEASON on what remains of Swindon’s green spaces.”

D’Oh!, Councillor Dickinson Seeks A Political Boost From Afghanistan War Dead?

“On balance, I was left with the strong impression that Councillor Dickinson is suggesting that he is endorsed by the Royal British Legion.”

What’s the best way to lead Swindon Council?

If the intention is to exclude the public from council business it is almost as effective as barring the doors to the council chamber, so, the irony is obvious when the leader of the council, says: “This is about people who will end up suffering when the money isn’t there. We want a partnership with Government but we’re not even invited to the table.” Tosser.

Budget Denial: A Political St. Peter Syndrome ?

“She’d just voted for a budget that would see every deprived child in Walcot paying more for their swimming but allowed golfers at the Broome Manor course to enjoy 18 holes of council tax-payer subsidised golfing pleasure without any increase in charges.”

Dudley – A Year To The Day

For my boy Dudley

FOI: Swindon Councillor Claims Euro Law makes £300,000 Grant To Local Dial A Ride Charity ‘Illegal’

“Rest assured that a nasty smell is already pouring off this story and this Freedom of information request should give some broad hints as to the direction of travel”

But is it art? – Banksy vs Bristol Museum 2009

“If I could write even half as well as Banksy paints….I would feel truly gifted”

A Trough Less Ordinary – The Wiltshire Fire Service Authority

“Today finds me taking a quick peek at which Swindon Councillors have seats at the Wiltshire Fire Service Authority trough.”

Swindon’s ‘Jackanory Tory’ claims: “I am saving the borough from disaster”

“Bluh’s latest lecture is definitely wackier than usual. It doesn’t just border on the delusional, it has torn the door off the customs shed and stamped the officials inside to death before making off across a mental landscape which is, thankfully, quite unfamiliar to most of us”

63 Days A Member – Already Stolen a Hospital and Misleading Parliament?

“Perhaps it was the thought of playing Doctors and Nurses with Devises MP Claire Perry that spurred him into boasting about the ‘size of his constituency…..”

#Swindon Playpark Money ‘Bluhvered’ Up As Council Tries To Fill Black Hole In Budget?

“Past events in Stratton suggest to many that the parents of Penhill, Highworth, Wroughton and Rodbourne might wish to watch Rod Bluh and Garry Perkins very carefully if they want to see their children playing in safe, modern playparks in the near future”

Swindon Todd & Chums: Hacking Their Way Through Your Money?

Politically speaking, February 2010 was the month Swindon’s Conservative councillors once again lined up loyally behind their leader and his cabinet and voted for a budget which, as several Tory councillors commented at the time, was reckless and almost certain to fail and fail badly. Recent events, and the reaction of Bluhs micro-cabinet to them,  [...]