1st #ConDem Parliamentary Piggy Pulled Oinking From Trough

With the phrase – ‘A New Kind Of Politics’ –  still ringing in the ears of the electorate,  news that an MP has been caught with his snout deep in the Parliamentary trough just 22 days after the 2010 General election is surely going to put ‘Cast Iron’  Dave Cameron under considerable pressure to prove that he means what he says.

That the trougher in question is the Rt Honourable David Laws MP,  Chief Secretary to the Treasury, should be deeply embarrassing for the Cleggeron combination  and temporarily, (at least),  fatal for the Ministerial Career of Mr Laws, especially as he managed to trouser over £40,000 of taxpayers by hiding the fact that he was ‘renting’ a room from his boyfriend, James Lundy.

The Daily Telegraph says:

His controversial claims were not uncovered by an official inquiry into MPs’ expenses last year because Mr Laws did not admit that his landlord was also his long-standing lover.
The Daily Telegraph’s Expenses Files show that between 2004 and 2007, Mr Laws claimed between £700 and £950 a month to sub-let a room in a flat in Kennington, south London. This flat was owned by the MP’s partner who was also registered as living at the property. The partner sold the flat for a profit of £193,000 in 2007.

Laws is the man who is supposed to be drawing up and implementing new rules which will limit the pay & perqs of several hundred thousand public sector workers but, unless we in the court of public opinion are prepared to accept this sort of crap all over again from a Government which promised it would not let it happen again, it is difficult to imagine a sensible scenario in which Laws has not resigned by 18.00hrs on Sunday the 30th of May.

But life in the Westminster Village is seldom judged to be sensible by any normal standards and those pesky ‘standards thingamajigs’ appear to be things which happen to other people but rarely seem to bother or even moderate the behaviour of members of Parliament.  That David Laws is apparently a millionaire makes his apparent fiddling of expenses difficult to understand.

I think what the Cleggeron says and does in the next 36hrs will indicate which direction its moral compass is pointing – or perhaps whether it has one.  If the DonDem coalition does have a strong moral compass the country will be enjoying metaphorical bacon sandwiches,  at the expense of David Laws Ministerial career, on Bank Holiday Monday.

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