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Send In The Clowns – SwindonTories Break Election Pledges To ‘Fight Inappropriate Development’ Just One Month After Being Elected

Over recent years North Swindon residents have been keeping their eyes on large swathes of development land close to their homes in Oakhurst and Redhouse because, at some point, the owner of the land, (Crest Nicholson), would wish to develop it and realise some return on their investment. That time arrived recently, and on the […]

Where’s Woody? – The Curious Case Of The Swindons Vanishing Councillors

“This strikes me a being more than a little curious and quite contrary to my previous perception that liberal democrats are wedded to the notion of demanding transparency, openness and honesty from elected public servants”

Cllr Michael Dickinson – Psephologist, Pseudologist, Sexpert & Political Mercenary

“During his 2007 election campaign I started to observe Michael quite closely and quickly concluded that he was shifty, politically mercenary and apt to deliberately deceive people as and when it suited him to do so….”

Eastcott Ward – Swindon Lib Democrat Pajak Plays Pinnochio Politics

“The liberal democrats are terrified that if Eastcott gets a proper look at Chris Watts in action, the ward might want a couple more of him, which is why I suspect they are willing to risk telling lies if those lies might damage his election chances.”

Clowncil Talk: Would you trust a Circus Clown with your wallet?

It doesn’t matter how much grease-paint and comedy-custard Bonzo Bluh hoses into the eyes of the audience, we know that the wheels and doors will fall off his car eventually.

From Wifi’asco to Wimax – And Swindon Gets £1.2 Million Worth Of New Lamp Posts

I humbly ask that readers consider the above and reflect on whether the council is seeking investors solely for the failed Digital City Wifi’asco, or is actually using the heat, light and smoke generated by the WiFi’asco to disguise a much bigger purpose

Swindons Ministry of Truth: Councillors Re-writing History of WiFi-Lies?

“Swindon’s Conservative councillors are already re-writing recent history as they attempt to escape the consequences of their smear campaign against members of the public”

Once In A Bluh Moon, Even A Hypocrite Will Accidentally Tell The Truth….

“What Councillor Bluh actually did when he published the above article in the Swindon Advertiser was to tell every developer within transit van distance that his council will not be challenging any large developments on the grounds that it, (the council), might lose 106 contributions if the development subsequently went ahead after an initial refusal by the council. Bluh has declared OPEN SEASON on what remains of Swindon’s green spaces.”

More WiFi Lies Busted: Vindication & Exoneration For the ‘Swindon 4’

“I’m giving Councillor Perkins, Councillor Williams and Justin Tomlinson MP a short time in which they are invited to apologise of their own volition. If the lying and smearing continue after this ‘short period’ ends, it will be gloves off and, as Alice Cooper so eloquently put it: “No More Mr Nice Guy”

D’Oh!, Councillor Dickinson Seeks A Political Boost From Afghanistan War Dead?

“On balance, I was left with the strong impression that Councillor Dickinson is suggesting that he is endorsed by the Royal British Legion.”

‘BathGate-Gate’ – Swindon’s Conservative Cllr’s Call This ‘Industrial Espionage’

“Determined to make things worse for themselves, Swindon’s Tory’s are determined to put themselves back on the National media stage as they ‘hunt down like a dog’ the person that ‘Buggered Bathgate’ for them”

FOI requests received by West Lothian Council Regarding Digital City (UK) Ltd & the Bathgate WiFi Project

Members of Swindon Borough Council say they are seeking to determine the identities of correspondents who have contacted West Lothian Council in relation to Digital City (UK) Ltd and its recent involvement with the Bathgate WiFi scheme.