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Rod’s Bluhnderbirds Wishing For A WiFi’asco Rescue

“Swindon cannot save those who aggressively resist being saved, but it can save itself from them.”

Denials, Defaults & Defamation- Swindon WiFi’asco Down, But Not Quite Dead

“If this is to be a battle of wits, it looks like the first three Conservative politicians on the battlefield have arrived completely unarmed”

What’s the best way to lead Swindon Council?

If the intention is to exclude the public from council business it is almost as effective as barring the doors to the council chamber, so, the irony is obvious when the leader of the council, says: “This is about people who will end up suffering when the money isn’t there. We want a partnership with Government but we’re not even invited to the table.” Tosser.

The Walcot Chronicles: Abandoned Principles Pt 2

As the £225,000 Bath University paid to SBC disappeared into Cllr Mark Edward’s Budget Black Hole, neither Cllr Mallinson or Cllr Childs uttered a single word in comment or challenge”

Abandon Principles, All Ye Who Enter Walcot Politically?

Sadly, while this political gun-slinging is going on, both councillors appear content in playing Russian-Roullette with the lives and welfare of the very residents that both claim to be ‘defending and fighting for’.