Clowncil Talk: Would you trust a Circus Clown with your wallet?

I read the leader of Swindon Council’s recent lecture in the Swindon Advertiser and concluded that his regular appearances in print remind me very much of a circus clown.

Bluh is a clown.  He flaps his oversized shoes around the ring once in a while, honks his comedy horn now and again, falls over a lot, gets even the simplest of tasks wrong and then remonstrates the audience for laughing at him.

I’m in the audience, as is my wife, my son and my Father.  Each of us is a member of a captive audience at a show it isn’t enjoying, would rather not see and certainly doesn’t want to be forced into paying for, and yet we are forced to anyway.

Yes, Clowncillor Bluh and his honking, squeaking, flat-footed carnival of Clowncillors have performed their act all over the Borough of Swindon, setting fire to buckets of cash,  getting their feet stuck in buckets of sticky stuff, whacking tax-payers and service users upside-the-head the head with policy planks and generally causing more problems than they cure.

There aren’t many things Bluh’s gang can’t quickly turn into an expensive comedy of errors, but even I was surprised when they managed to fail only 6 of their 50 Promises, having apparently delivered 44 of them quite successfully until, that is,  Bonzo decided to snatch a comedy moment from the jaws of near success and turn it into another farce.  Bonzo dug deep into the cavernous pockets of his comedy pantaloons, retrieved his Clownculator and, after dividing several of the original promises into entirely new promises, hilariously turned 50 promises into 56.  By subtracting the 6 failed ‘extra’ promises from the brand new total of 56, Bonzo and da boyz, ( via the miracle of Clown economics), would now claim that they had delivered 50 promises after all.

Of the 50 promises, Promise 22 recently became very interesting  because fairly large amounts of money appear to have been spent pursuing it in very odd ways :

Promise 22: “We will revitalise our sports and leisure facilities in particular bring forward plans to replace or modernise the Oasis and Link centre.”

Progress:  Achieved.

I expect to blog something about it later this week but in the meantime I’ll finish off on this last point:  Bonzo Bluh was spot-on when he said….

“Honesty and trust are two words that many people do not associate with politicians”

….because I don’t associate either of them with him.

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Sunday, March 6th, 2011
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