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The Costa Covid Flyer….

“A cup of overpriced but under-heated frothy milk over which the ghosts of several Arabica and strong Robusta beans lingered weakly“ Geoff Reid – 2021 On Sunday May 2nd 2021 I was lucky enough to receive my 2nd Covid Vaccination jab – The AstraZeneca vaccine (if anyones interested 🙂 About the video: 29.97 fps 1080p […]

Clowncil Talk: Would you trust a Circus Clown with your wallet?

It doesn’t matter how much grease-paint and comedy-custard Bonzo Bluh hoses into the eyes of the audience, we know that the wheels and doors will fall off his car eventually.

Don’t Mention Cake….

“He increasingly reminds me of the Austrian born Marie Antoinette who initially charmed the French peasants but was eventually despised by them”

Swindon Council Leader Dreams On As Redundancy Estimates Soar From 1,000 to 2,000 In Just 4 Days….

“In just 4 months Bluh’s crowd have come from denying there was a hole in their budget to now claiming that they must ‘save’ £11m in this financial year and expects to have to save a further £15m a year in future”

Swindon Dial A Ride Annual General Meeting – Thursday 24th June 2010 –

Possibly the last AGM this charity will have….