The Costa Covid Flyer….

A cup of overpriced but under-heated frothy milk over which the ghosts of several Arabica and strong Robusta beans lingered weakly

Geoff Reid – 2021

On Sunday May 2nd 2021 I was lucky enough to receive my 2nd Covid Vaccination jab – The AstraZeneca vaccine (if anyones interested 🙂

About the video: 29.97 fps 1080p

The video should ideally have been published @ 2.7 k but I originally prepared this video, with soundtrack, for publication on Face Plant, and Face Plant only allows 1080p with a max file size of xx GB.

These restrictions tend to cut into your data rates, picture size and definition but I’d always just accepted them until, that is, Face Plant started muting my videos because its algo wossnames decided I was infringing someones musical copyright. I wasn’t of course, but there’s absolutely no way (that I can find!), to challenge Face Plant about it so, after a few hours of feeling simultaneously angry and, well, very angry, that I thought “Fuck ’em!”, I’ll host my own videos on my own server.

Future videos will be of higher definition, but not so high as to be a pain to download and watch. I’ve forgotten far more than I remember of blogging etc, (it’s been a few years since I really messed about with content management), but that’s what facebook and twitter et al do to you, like the most successfull purveyors and dealers of narcotics, they lure you in with convenience, dust off a comfy chair for you and close your fingers around the communal bong of social media and before you know it you’re sitting in your underpants on the sofa of life and have forgotten how to tie your own shoe laces……

This is the first video of (hopefully) many. Enjoy.

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Wednesday, May 5th, 2021
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