FatBike Ride from Barbury Castle To Coate Water Via The Ogbournes……

A 13 mile ride on the fatbikes, starting at Barbury Castle and finishing at Coate Water Country Park

I’ve already tried to publish this on Facebook but FB’s algorythmns decided that I’d used music which I wasn’t entitle to use and muted the video.

Here it is, complete with the same music from https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music which I am, funnily enough, allowed to use on my videos.

Starting at Barbury Castle Rachael and I ride South on a byway passing Four Mile Clump and over Ogbourne Maizey Down.

At the end of Ogbourne Maizey Down we fork left onto another Byway and as we drop downhill we pass Drove Barn on our right side.

We arrive in Ogbourne Maizey and join a tarmac road for a few yards until we cross the A345 main road between Marlborough and Swindon. After crossing the road we climb around a bendy little track before joining the Chiseldon and Marlborough railway Path and ride North towards Swindon.

We ride along the rear of the houses at Ogbourne St Andrew before arriving at Ogbourne St George where we have to pass underneath the A345 to rejoin the railway path on the other side of the road. From here it is a very straight ride to Chiseldon where we briefly depart the NCN45 (National Cycle Route 45) because I wanted to skirt around the village (just for a change really).

We rejoin NCN45 and drop downhill through the edge of Pinkcombe wood, cross the M4 motorway via the cury-bridge, enter Coate Water Country Park and finish at my car…..which we’d parked there earlier in the morning.

This is a lovely 13 mile ride, not overy taxing and can be completed quite comfortably in just over an hour, faster if you like to ride a lot faster downhill but beware of horses, walkers, other cyclists and the ocassional 4×4 – These are mostly byways afterall 🙂

Enjoy 🙂

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Monday, May 10th, 2021
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