Thanks For Reading My Blog at www.geoffreid.com !

If you’re reading this, then thank you!

I’ve not been blogging for very long so I didn’t expect to see so many readers visit so quickly.  I’m not that vain that I think I deserve much credit for stringing a few words together, so I’d like to give a huge Hat-Tip to the Leader of Swindon Borough Council, Councillor Roderick Bluh, (Conservative – Dorcan ward), without whom I would probably struggle to write anything politically interesting.

As it is though, Rodders keeps me adequately supplied with his apparently limitless ability to waste money, bullshit and generally get it wrong.  His vanity and arrogance are incidental bonuses for political commentators, the icing on the cake if you will.

Some of the Swindon Conservative group tell each other that no one pays attention to twitter, facebook, Talkswindon.org or the other Swindon Bloggers.  I think web statistics would prove them as wrong in that as they are wrong in many of their other ‘opinions’.  Week commencing the 7th June 2010 was a slow blogging week for me, I’m still travelling up and down to Telford to see my Father in hospital, and still working long nights shifts for 5 and sometime six shifts a week…..so my keyboard time is reduced at the moment, but last Thursday I did manage to squeeze a quick one out.   It was called ‘Bluh’s Monkey Trap’ and I also tweeted it.  That day this blog received over 1,100 visitors.

Thank you. 🙂

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Saturday, June 19th, 2010
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