63 Days A Member – Already Stolen a Hospital and Misleading Parliament?

63 days after being elected to represent North Swindon,  Justin Tomlinson MP has either moved Swindon’s 75,000 ton Great Western Hospital or unilaterally decided to annexe part of the South Swindon Constituency for himself.

Perhaps it was the sight of Claire Perry, MP for Devises , batting her eyelashes at him that spurred him into boasting about the ‘size of his constituency’, but whatever the reason for saying it, I’m pretty sure that the hospital is actually deep inside Robert Buckland’s South Swindon constituency.

Here’s the deed, done during Claire Perry’s ‘Minor Injuries Services, (Devises)’, Westminster hall debate last Tuesday:

“I thank my hon. Friend for giving way in this crucial debate that she has secured for Wiltshire residents. I want to highlight a concern that supports her specific point about public transport. When the Great Western hospital in Swindon was set up in my constituency, there was an emphasis on green travel, so there was a limit on parking provision. The residents of Devizes who are sent to Swindon almost invariable come by car, and there simply is not adequate parking provision.”

Whoops!  Perhaps, (as my Westminster Moles suggest), Justin should spend less time sniffing around the ankles of the local talent and more time engaging mind with mouth instead of exaggerating the size of his constituency to the lady members.

I’m not surprised to see Justins mate and former UKIP bloke,  Robert Feal Martinez,  popping onto www.theyworkforyou.com to post another in a long line of comments, (he’s often there telling the MP’s how to run the country),  but I was surprised that he failed to notice that a spot of Hospital blagging had gone on under his nose.   Perhaps even an ‘Old Coppers’ nose for bullshit is eventually destroyed from hanging out with politicians?

Should Tomlinson apologise to the house, or is my local geography as shaky as Rod Bluh’s grip on the councils finances?

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Thursday, July 15th, 2010
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