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Swindon Council Leader Dreams On As Redundancy Estimates Soar From 1,000 to 2,000 In Just 4 Days….

“In just 4 months Bluh’s crowd have come from denying there was a hole in their budget to now claiming that they must ‘save’ £11m in this financial year and expects to have to save a further £15m a year in future”

Bluh Blags Camerons ‘Big Society’ and re-launches as ‘One Swindon’ Vision

“If I were a local councillor I would take my lead from the community which elected me, representing them first, and not the political aspirations of an autocratic council leader responsible for delivering a broken budget”

Swindon WiFi: Councillors Washing Their Hands Of Drowning Joint Venture ?

“….the only clear WiFi fact that did pop up during last nights meeting was the expected and humiliating public admission that…..”

Bluh’s Monkey Trap – Silver Service at Lydiard Park or Sandwiches at the Civic ?

Who said recently :“No one should underestimate the size of this problem. No one should go around thinking any public service can carry on with business as usual”….

….and who’s not practicing what they preach?