Phillipa Stroud Denying All Charges Of Homophobia…..

The Guardian has received a complaint from Stroud – summarised here:

“She disputes the testimonies contained in the article and states that she has helped individuals of all sexual orientations to deal with a multitude of problems such as drug addiction, self-harming, alcoholism, eating disorders, and sexual abuse through prayer as well as offering practical help and advice. She also says that she has never founded a church, let alone a church that tried to ‘cure’ homosexuals.

She has never prayed or advised any person to change his or her sexuality and has never countenanced any person for whom she has had responsibility attempting to question any person’s sexual orientation or to re-orient them. In addition, the reference to demonic activity in her book “God’s help for the poor’ does not relate to sexual orientation but to those who have been involved in occult practices, including violence and sexual abuse. She adds that the New Frontiers Church network is based in the UK and has over 600 branches worldwide of which 220 are in the UK and no more than 30 are in the USA. It is not part of the US Evangelical Movement.”


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Friday, May 28th, 2010
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