The Swindon Pravdatiser – I don’t buy it & I don’t miss it…

Since the editor of the Swindon Pravdatiser ‘suspended’ my online account, (to prevent me from making comments on the paper’s website),  I’ve cancelled my subscription and not bought a copy of it since.  Several weeks down the line  I don’t miss it in the slightest.

I don’t miss the editorials which pander to the editors mate and leader of the council Rod Bluh.

I don’t miss the factual errors present in nearly every story.

I don’t miss the lack of meaningful context and history which blights most articles.

I don’t miss contradictory reporting like this, taken from the 12th of May edition:

“DESPITE rumoured attempts to oust them, the leaders of Swindon’s Conservatives and Labour groups have remained in power”

A few paragraphs later, in the same article….

“Coun Bluh also saw off an attempt by Nick Martin to topple him as Conservative leader”

If Pravda readers want to understand the difference between a ‘Rumoured’ leadership bid and an ‘It actually happened’ example,  the history and the context behind them, then they ought to read the Talkswindon Forum as well as the Pravdatiser.

Unless, politically speaking, they’re quite happy with a diet of re-hashed press releases and factually inaccurate pieces which pander to the Euclid Street idiocracy.

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Friday, May 28th, 2010
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