A Trough Less Ordinary – The Wiltshire Fire Service Authority

Today finds me having a quick peek at which Swindon Councillors have seats at the Wiltshire Fire Service Authority trough.

From Swindon Borough Council we find 4 Cllr’s:

Cllr David Wren, (Conservative, Moredon),

Cllr Mike Bawden, (Conservative, Old Town & Lawn)

Cllr Nick Martin, (COnservative, Shaw & Nine Elms)

Cllr Derique Montaut, (Labour, Central).

Councillor Wren Trousers £4,578 plus mileage per year, Cllr’s Bawden, Martin & Montaut an easy £2,145 per year for turning up to few meetings….

….and all of them, I am told, can claim the generous 65 pence per mile allowance for using their cars, more if they carry passengers.

For full detail of the allowance available to councillors click here: Wiltshire Fire Service Authority – Members Allowances Scheme

Nice work if you can get it.

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Monday, August 9th, 2010
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Walking & Walkies.
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