Where’s Our WiFi: 3 Days Until Digital City Tells Us….

“Digital City dream will soon take off” Says John (Rikki) Hunt In SwindonLink Magazine

John Hunt, (also commonly known as  ‘Rikki’ Hunt),  managing director of Digital City (UK) Ltd, recently promised  Swindon Borough Councillors a ‘wide media session’ after many of them began openly speculating about the lack of visible progress made by the joint public/private partnership between the Borough Council and Mr Hunts ‘One Man Band’ company.

Borough Councillors are lagging some way behind the general public in airing their concerns, much of the town noticed several months ago, in April 2010 to be precise, that nothing about this project had gone according to to small section of the ‘plan’ that we’ve been allowed to see.  Councillors, I am told, are expected to believe what the leader of the Council tells them until such time as his words become unbelievable in the face of empiric evidence.

Most of ‘the plan’ remains hidden from the interested eyes of the public and the publicly elected councillors to this day.  This is worrying because £450,000 of public money was secretly lent to Mr Hunts company by just two councillors, without the prior knowledge or consent of the other 57 councillors.

Councillors recently received a ‘teaser’ email from Mr Hunt which contained little they didn’t already know but was accompanied by a stern message warning them against copying, showing, using or discussing its contents but Councillors were promised they would receive more news as part of Mr Hunts ‘wide media session’ on the 13th of August.

How irritating it must have been for our councillors when, leafing through the latest copy of the SwindonLink magazine, they came across a huge article about Mr Hunt and the WiFiasco which had been published and distributed almost a whole month before his promised ‘media session’.  Some Councillors are still wondering whether Mr Hunt had, quite easily it seems, tricked them into keeping their grumbles and concerns under wraps.

Anyway, we’ve only 3 more days to wait until John ‘Rikki’ Hunt starts his promised ‘wide media session’.  You’ll forgive me if I don’t get too excited, but based on the recent history of the WiFiasco progressing to the timetable set by Mr Hunt himself  I imagine the media session will also begin several months later than ‘planned’.

John Hunt says that his “Digital City Dream Will Soon Take Off!”….

….but, (and you can call me cynical), I happen to know where there is an entire squadron of Digital Piggies that are fully fuelled and also ready to fly.

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Tuesday, August 10th, 2010
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