"Geoff is 45 years old, but a freak accident with a pickled gherkin left him with the mind of an American. It's very sad" - John Sainsbury

Dudley – A Year To The Day

For my boy Dudley

FOI: Swindon Councillor Claims Euro Law makes £300,000 Grant To Local Dial A Ride Charity ‘Illegal’

“Rest assured that a nasty smell is already pouring off this story and this Freedom of information request should give some broad hints as to the direction of travel”

FOI: The ‘Accidental Director’ – Swindon Council Director who ‘Didn’t Know’ about other Directorship

“freedom of information request relates to the directorship held by Mr HITESH KUMAR PATEL of Company Number:6990831 – DM56 Limited, (now known as ‘Digital City (UK) Ltd’), between the 15th of September 2009 and the 12th of March 2010”

Swindon Borough Council: Chief Executive Investigates Colleagues Secret Directorship of WiFi Firm

“Something is still rotten in the Borough of Swindon and, (as most honest people know), you can’t bury a bad smell and gangrene doesn’t go away if left untreated”

But is it art? – Banksy vs Bristol Museum 2009

“If I could write even half as well as Banksy paints….I would feel truly gifted”

#Swindon WiFi Recovery Is 100% Miraculous

“Similarly impressive is the news that the number of user paying £5.99 a month for the not-time-limited service has increased by 100% in the same period”

Where’s Our WiFi: 3 Days Until Digital City Tells Us….

“Call me cynical but I know of an entire squadron of Digital Piggies that is fully fuelled and ready to fly”

A Trough Less Ordinary – The Wiltshire Fire Service Authority

“Today finds me taking a quick peek at which Swindon Councillors have seats at the Wiltshire Fire Service Authority trough.”

Don’t Mention Cake….

“He increasingly reminds me of the Austrian born Marie Antoinette who initially charmed the French peasants but was eventually despised by them”

Where’s Our WiFi – August 2010 Update

“The Link magazine stated that the Audit Commission had ‘ratified’ the WiFi decisions taken by the Borough Council – It hadn’t ‘ratified’ anything, it merely stated that it had found no evidence of an illegal act”

Swindon Council Leader Dreams On As Redundancy Estimates Soar From 1,000 to 2,000 In Just 4 Days….

“In just 4 months Bluh’s crowd have come from denying there was a hole in their budget to now claiming that they must ‘save’ £11m in this financial year and expects to have to save a further £15m a year in future”

Reservoir Hogs Squeal As Home Secretary Overturns Police Authority Trough

“The reservoir of quango cash is visibly drying up and some of the Hogs don’t like it”